Friday, July 3, 2009

Another "Perfect" Day's ^^

hellow ma bloggie diarieee! xD
yeaa gw kesini lagi lol
jadi langsung ja yeeee XDD

critanya gw hari ini ikut summer camp di SDB! xD
gila awalnya gw telat gitu .___.
scara gw bangunnya jam stengah 9 and sedangkan acaranya mulai dr jam 8!
lol. belom mandinya, and segala macem.

so, alhasil, gw brangkat kesana jam 9 an gitu and nyampe dsana skitar 9 lebih an bwahahaha!
ga banget ye? awalnya gw agak kaget "kok sepi? .__."
eh ternyata ud pada dateng *lol .__.*

ya uda awalnya gw kayak orang cengo gitu, uda ga ad temen *lol*
pokoknya... ga banget deh. lonely2 gimana gitu. .___.

ya ud deh kita nge game....
soalnya kepanjangan kalo gw mesti critain tentang game2 itu. lol. cape gw ngetiknya maaan. :p

and untunglah gw ud punya cadangan stock temen. lol *ya ampun sadis amat sih cadangan wkwk*

pokoknya hari ini quite fun lah bwat gw! XD
sorry gw rada ga mood ngetik2 gini an i just wanna share :P

thanks for today, SDB :D you made my day xp
see you tomorrow :p

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

is in sad mode... :(

i don't know why these past few day's i feeling so... lost. :( it's because the death of michael jackson. eventhough i admit that i'm not "really" the one his fanatic fans. :(
but i feel so sorry with his condition when he's die..
after i heard he's die i went to listening all of his song. and its gave me the chills man. o___o
especially heal the world, earth song, beat it, you're not alone and more.
i feel so sorry to you the king of pop i mean.. our king of pop michael jackson. :(
may you rest in peace, and may Allah will accept you at his heaven. i'll pray for you..
we love and missed you so much. and nobody will can replace your place of our heart.

your body may not alive anymore but you must know that..
your soul and your song will alive forever at our heart. :)

we love you and will allways be, MJ. ^^
may you rest in peace. amen.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


ok first of all i wanna say "hello" to the blog world! ^^
well, i just arrieved to the whole of blog world.
i knew i still newbie in this site. XD
i was learning about blogging since last year, but i decided to quit because i don't much interested and i was lazy to make some stories. hahaha. =p

but now, i decided to make one again. XD
because i was envy with my friends who have their own blog. hohoho. xp
i'd like share my life story here. ^^

and i hope i can make a friends with everyone here. :p

well that's all. i promise i'll updated all my stories here as long as i could. :)

ja matta ne~ ^^